Client Representation

Client Representation

Boundary Labels advocates for our clients. We are your representation for inquiries, consultations and even hurdles with the Canadian regulatory agencies.

We are engaged with CFIA and Health Canada’s regulatory consultations. Having a say during the review process for updating regulations related to food and food labeling allows us to ensure our clients have a say. We have been involved in multiple governmental conferences, consultations and feedback requests, including the updated “safe foods for Canadians” legislation.

With our solid reputation suppliers are open to our inquiries as well as sharing their formulas for us to ensure your ingredients and allergens are properly listed.

Unfortunately, issues can arise with inspectors and governmental agencies. We are familiar with their processes and can represent our clients in order to alleviate the stress of having to go through these hurdles alone.

We are happy to speak with your designer or packaging supplier should they have any questions. We have printing guidance documents to help your designer with layout, spacing, type size and all of the requirements for Canadian labeling.