About Boundary Labels

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About Boundary Labels

Boundary Labels is excited to join you in the process of crafting your Canadian food labels. With over 16 years of experience in the industry, we want to do business a different way.

Our Approach


Our industry involves a lot of legal specifications, regulations, and jargon. It is our job to navigate you through these obstacles. It can be common in our industry for you, as a client, to only receive very legal-based communication, you get told the rules more than you’re offered solutions. That is not Boundary Labels.

We use solutions-centred consultation and clear language with our clients.

We create relationships with our clients, you’re not just another number with us. Becoming part of our client circle means we get to know you and what excites you about your products, your dreams for the future, hurdles and challenges, losses and wins.

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We ensure that your interaction with regulatory labelling is not a clinical, impersonal, or tedious process. Preparing your product for the Canadian market can be challenging but it should not be frustrating.

This is why we cultivate a policy of open communication with our clients. A little tough love can help you avoid hurdles down the road, which means we are honest about what aspects of your existing product and labelling could cause issues with Canadian regulators in the long run.

We are always open to calls, even for quick questions because we recognize that this is an essential part of being engaged with our clients. Reach out anytime, we’re here to help you.

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Our mission is to take the stress out of preparing your labels for the Canadian market. We aim to elevate the industry standard in regulatory labelling by delivering individualized personal consulting as well as building productive long-term relationships with our clients.

Our vision is to support the success of companies that are excited about sharing their products with Canadians by helping them navigate the complexities of regulatory labelling. We’re especially excited about consulting with local entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs, and budding brands.

We work with both Canadian and international clients.

Our international clients often require consulting on navigating unfamiliar regulations specific to Canada and translation services that use the correct terminology. Ingredients and nutritional label standards are unique to each country, so we also commonly provide solutions in these departments as well. We aim to take the stress out of your transition into the Canadian market.

We also really love partnering with Canadian businesses! Working with our Canadian clients often involves guiding them through claims and very specific details of their labelling because of their existing familiarity with the market.

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Whether you represent a large international business, or are a small, local Canadian entrepreneur, Boundary Labels is here to help you decipher the maze of food labelling regulations to get your product ready for retail sale in Canada.

Our clients are covered by our confidentiality guarantee. Utmost discretion is an absolute must in our industry as trade secrets, intellectual property and much more is shared with us. We respect your trust and faith in our professionalism.

Caroline and her team offer the highest level of professionalism and I am very much continuing our business relationship for years to come. Leigh Ann Hayward Director Client Development, ADWW ACOSTA

We are dedicated to our craft. In order to keep up with all of the changing regulations, we stay up to date with government consultations and maintain personal contacts with all of the agencies involved in crafting and updating Canadian Labelling Legislation.